"The Rapcast" has been a staple of Raptors Republic for years. Raptors Republic runs four podcasts.

  • Raptors Weekly: Airs every Monday and hosted by Zarar Siddiqi, RW covers the week that was and what's ahead.
  • Raptors Weekly Extra: Airs every Friday featuring Blake Murphy and William Lou, RWX takes a broader perspective of events including insights from Blake who covers the Raptors like none other.
  • Talking Raptors: Airs mid-week during the season and hosted by Barry Taylor and Nick Reynoldson, TR is the best Raptors culture podcast on the planet.
  • The Doctor Is In: Airs occasionally before the All-Star break and hosted by Steve Gennaro, episodes ramp up as the draft gets relevant. Features the Worldwide Roundtable and focuses on college basketball.
You can listen by subscribing to the iTunes feed, checking out the Soundcloud channel, listening on Stitcher Radio on Android, or any other of your favorite ways. The podcast is searchable on all mobile apps.

Raptors Weekly

Raptors Weekly Extra

Talking Raptors

The Doctor Is In