Greenroom Blue Jays Talk: What Should Dioner Navarro’s Nickname Be?

Dioner Navarro is back baby! He’s a fan favourite and gives the Blue Jays a legit backup catcher. The only thing is, he’s missing is a catchy nickname.

What should Dioner Navarro’s nickname be?

Steve Patterson

Dioner Navarro is a tough guy to nickname. You can’t go with the old standby in sports of just adding an “er” at the end of his first name because it’s already there and people would just think you were stuttering. But given the fact he is a fan favourite and he is most certainly “welcome back” to the clubhouse by all the players, we should call him “Mr. Kotter” Get it? Welcome Back Kotter. Too soon? Well I don’t care if you don’t get it. I think it will really “catch” on…(I’ll let myself out).

Efthimios Nasiopoulos

Sometimes a nickname can better represent that which you are not, as opposed that which you are. This is such a situation. Yes, I could assign a cute nickname that best represents the essence of Navarro, but I want to call him something that he surely is not, therefore I am going with  Dioner ‘Not Thole’ Navarro. Thole, being the fourth best catcher on the Jays, behind Martin, Navarro and a pile of dog shit. Thole, the personal catcher of 57 y.o.  sandlot pitcher  R.A. Dickey. When you see Navarro, shout out ‘Not Thole’ and watch him blush with appreciation.

Fraser Young

As a bandwagon fan, this is almost certainly the only time I will ever discuss Dioner Navarro in my life. I’ll finish the rest of my answer after I google him… Now I’m back. Navarro has two birds, neither of which have names (according to Wikipedia). This is awful. I understand that as a person stuck with “Dioner”, maybe he is against the concept of names, but still inexcusable. For this reason, his nickname will be Birdman. Because A) he plays for the Blue Jays and B) it is awful and will give him a taste of his own medicine.

Monty Scott

Let’s call him “The Dioner Party”  In reference to The Donner Party, the infamous doomed 1846 wagon train that was stranded in the winter of 46/47 in the Sierra Nevada, whose members then resorted to cannibalism to survive.

We can say Navarro will eat your lunch at the plate, and if you don’t plan ahead, after the game he’ll drag you out to the desert for dinner.

Cheap Smokes

After again discussing this question for almost three hours and getting physically abusive with each other, we have finally came up with a nick name that we agree on.  We think his name should be Bristle Pad Big Bear or BPBB for short.  Navarro looks like a teddy bear that wears his heart on his sleeve. Although his beard looks like someone slopped a bunch of Elmer’s glue on his face and then set up a fan on full blast with bristle pads in front of it.  No offence if you’re reading this Navarro, you are still a great player! Maybe rather than catching a ball you can try catching some grooming tips! Follow us on twitter, we love you!  XO

Nick Reynoldson

I loved Dioner Navarro when he was here the first time. And now that he’s back and replacing Thole, I love him even more. I hate Josh Thole.

As far as nicknames are concerned, it’s a bit more difficult. Navarro is great but he’s not particularly flashy. Nothing really stands out about Navarro except for the fact that he resembles a potato. That’s why I vote for the nickname “Tater”.

Dioner “Tater” Navarro. Because like the ol reliable potato. Dioner is always there and always ready.

Hunter Collins

Take one look at Dioner Navarro and it’s plainly obvious that his nickname should be “The Burger Man”. No wait, “The Cheesesteak Man”. No wait, “Diabetes-ner Nav-Angina-rro”. No wait, just “Tub-Tub”. No wait, “Living Aorta Blockage With a Beard”. No wait, Dioner “Warm Up The Pinch Runner” Navarro. No wait, “If He Exerts Himself Too Hard While Making Love To A Woman, He’s Gonna Die On ‘Er” Navarro. No wait, “Chunx”.

Barry Taylor

Sometimes Dioner Navarro likes to dress like a cop. And really, who can blame him? Cops are awesome. And so is Dioner. There’s a lot of great police officers we could look to for nickname inspiration but this is the major leagues. The best of the best. We need the choice to reflect that. Which is why there’s only one option for Dioner’s nickname: Tackleberry


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